Healthy Bath Time Ideas

Taking baths should not be something reserved for anniversaries, vacations or babies. Bathing is a very healthy practice and should be more endorsed as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Having relaxing baths promotes immunity, relaxation, mental health, detoxification and countless benefits to the body. 

If you want to keep your body youthful, healthy and active than I suggest you start incorporating baths into your lifestyle.

Epsom salts

Please purchase a giant tub and ENJOY! Epsom salts alleviate any pain, tension or inflammation. They are incredible after vigorous activity if you have sore muscles. If you have any kind of headaches, or cramps, Epsom salts will help. They have magnesium sulfate and help to relax the nervous system.

Baking soda

It’s not only for the kitchen. I keep a couple extra packages under the sink in my bathroom because I use it up in the bath. It relieves itchy skin, deodorizes the body and in combination with Epsom salts creates an intense detoxification therapy for your body.

Marjoram essential oil

Everyone recommends lavender for the bath and there’s nothing wrong with that, but once you’ve been using lavender for a long time you want to change things up a bit occasionally. I really like using marjoram in the bath because it has a very pleasant earthy smell as well as many of the antiviral, anti fungal and pain relieving properties as other essential oils.

The reason I became familiar with it is because it is also an oil which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle in women. I found that taking baths with this oil in combination with other therapies works really well in re-gaining balance with the cycle.

Pine essential oil

I find pine oil really helps with your mood in the bath. It really does clear mental stress, removes fatigue, anxiety and any nervous tension. I would use this oil a lot in the winter time when there are viruses or colds going around as it is also an antiviral oil.

I hope your next bath time will be more pleasant than the last. Don’t forget to try new essential oils and other combinations for more health benefits. Relax…take it easy.

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