Morning Green Juice

Whether I am doing a detox or simply want to do something a little extra for my body and my overall wellness, a green juice is my go to. Juicing is great way to wake up your body and stimulate it to clean up the wastes in our system. 

Green juice specifically is very beneficial because we would never get that many greens in our system in a day if we tried to eat them.

Starting your day with a tall glass of freshly squeezed greens is very healing to your digestive system, kidneys and helps clear your skin. However, I have noticed that when juicing, you cannot use too many fruits otherwise your blood sugar levels will go up and down pretty quickly. This is why it’s important to make your juice as green as possible and not use too many fruits.

My juice recipe is very simple, grab as many greens as you’ve got and juice them! Depending on what I have in the fridge the recipe always varies but the 2 staples to always have for a great green juice are celery and cucumber. They always help dilute the less pleasant juices and they are very refreshing in the morning.

The juice in the picture below contains the following…

  • Celery
  • Green Apples
  • Ginger
  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Lettuce

You can always add beet/carrot greens, parsley, Swiss chard, cilantro, fresh basil, spinach, watercress and many other greens. Experiment with your green juice as it’s a great way to get all the benefits of greens in one shot!

I hope I have inspired you to change up your mornings occasionally and start the day with a tall glass of refreshing green juice!

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